Issues That Can Arise When You Don’t Change Your Car Oil Regularly

Every car owner should keep certain things in mind if they want their vehicle to work correctly for a long time. One of them is changing your car oil. It’s normal to forget such minute things when life gets in the way. You’re a full-time worker with a family to care for, or maybe just a newbie who’s recently getting accustomed to owning a new car. However, putting off your oil change can harm your car’s life shell. You must change it regularly to ensure your car’s engine and overall lubrication.

Here are a few unfortunate events that might happen if you skip your oil change.

Component Damage

Numerous moving components, including pistons and levers, make up an engine. The lubricating characteristics of your engine oil assist in safeguarding these elements by minimizing friction. Engine oil will degrade after the advised oil change period and become less effective in shielding the assets from friction, which will cause stress and malfunction.

Very Hot Engine

Piping down the engine with just your coolant mechanism is insufficient. Due to its ability to access areas where coolant cannot, engine oil, therefore, plays a crucial part in this. Due to exposure to elevated temperatures, engine oil deteriorates and thickens with time. This thermal degradation restricts the oil from thermal conduction, which might force the machine to overheat, gaskets to rupture, and components to wear out and distort.

Accumulated Dirt

Engine oil does more than just lubricate and cool; it also tidies the engine’s interiors. Small dirt and particles are removed. This debris can accumulate over time and cause the oil passages to get clogged. The engine’s lifespan may be severely shortened as a result. Moreover, the engine will have to put more effort due to the dirt accumulation, reducing power. Oil will start to gel or harden in an engine over a lengthy period without being changed, finally becoming sludge.

Increasing Use Of Fuel

The engine will have to put more effort when the old engine oil hardens and turns into sludge. As a result, additional fuel is required to produce the same amount of energy. This increase in fuel usage can alter performance by 2% to 3%. Moreover, when the old engine oil fires, your automobile may emit hazardous fumes into the atmosphere.

Expired Auto Warranty

If you follow the manufacturer’s servicing recommendations, your car’s warranty will be protected. The warranty will be invalidated if you don’t have it repaired properly. If your engine is damaged, you may incur substantial charges that the manufacturer will not cover.


Changing your oil and replacing your lubricating oil is far less expensive than restoring a defective engine. Your automobile will perform at its best and have a longer lifespan if you use high-quality engine oil and replace it at the prescribed intervals. Engine oil is the most vital fluid your automobile need after petrol, so be sure to get the proper kind.

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